Tough floors for tough environments

Food and drink makers place heavy demands on their floors:


  • 24 hour production in many cases
  • Forklift, pump truck and loaded pallets take their toll on flooring
  • Acids, blood, alkalines, grease, fats, oils, processed water and harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Compliance with HSE slip resistance requirements
  • Food hygiene standards

We can offer you floors that more than meet these demands.


Floors that are free from toxins, pores and volatile organic compounds

Our systems are ultra hygienic and food safe:


  • They are free from toxins
  • Contain NO VOC's
  • Are completely seamless with no joints to trap dirt
  • Guaranteed not to pinhole and have no micropores


Floors that fully cure in 60 minutes - saving you time and money

Little or no interruption to your production lines


Your floors can be repaired or installed overnight or during weekends, when production lines have ceased, and your floors will be ready for use at the start of the next shift, meaning no interruption to your business and no loss of production. 


Fast cure floors and years of experience working with clients to keep their production in full swing means you can be confident that your project will be completed in the time allocated. 

Floors that protect your company and staff

Slip Resistance


We install floors with full HSE compliant slip resistance.


The surface texture of our floors can be varied to provide different degrees of slip resistance depending on the application. Even when wet and greasy, your floors will still comply with HSE guidelines

The most hygienic flooring system for your facility



All of our floors are completely non-porous throughout the system. This ensures a sealed hygienic floor with no pores or pinholes in which bacteria can proliferate.


These floors have a similar cleanability to stainless steel and Teflon. 

Floors with a proven longevity



These systems have been around since the late 1970's. It is testament to the chemical composition of these floors that many have passed 20 years of constant use with minimal maintenance and repairs.


We have many reference sites over 10, 15 and 20 years.

Case studies - click image for more information on each customer

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