Commercial kitchen flooring with full cove protection

Fast track installations

The MMA system can be installed directly over an existing tiled floor. We are fully aware of the tight time constraints when installing equipment in a working kitchen. In a single night from 22:00 until 6:00 we can install a floor in an average sized restaurant. Larger areas can be completed with multiple night shifts.


The floor will be handed over fully cured and ready to be used at the end of each night.


There will therefore be no disruption to the working day of a busy kitchen.

Strong floors that offer time saving solutions

This often includes numerous elements:

  • · Removing old vinyl, epoxy or polyurethane floors
  • · Laying directly over ceramic tiles, stone tiles or timber/plywood
  • · Substrate preparation, floor grinding, remedial work
  • · Rapid set mortars for damaged concrete
  • · Full resin priming and substrate penetration and bonding
  • · Installation of Décor cove system
  • · Installation of the Décor body coat
  • · First resin seal coat
  • · Final seal coat with slip resistance rolled into the surface texture

Rapid setting floors - fully cured in 60 minutes

Fast curing quartz systems are the choice for busy restaurants and hotels that haven’t the time or money to waste on kitchen shutdowns for longer than is absolutely necessary.

For some establishments, they don’t have the luxury to close their kitchen during the day and have a small window of opportunity at night to get important flooring work done.

MMA fully cures in less than an hour enabling you to have your floors installed overnight, ready for use the next morning. This ranges from small patch repairs to full kitchen installations.

The most hygienic floors for your kitchen

MMA is a completely seamless flooring system unlike vinyl, tiles, epoxy and polyurethane floors that have joints and layers as part of their integral make-up.

It is a chemically bonded system which means it ‘fuses’ both with the floor substrate, coving and walls creating a completely waterproof flooring solution.

This also means that dirt, bacteria and contaminants have nowhere to gather on your floors, making them very hygienic.

Their high compressive strength, according to an RP Shearer cleaning report compares them favourably with Teflon and Stainless Steel in clean-ability.

Floors that comply with EHO and HSE slip resistance

You can also vary slip resistance, increasing the levels in areas such as pot washes whilst using minimum slip resistance in pastry areas.

Small grain quartz is broadcast onto the body coat and then sealed into the surface texture, achieving the careful balance of safety and ease of cleaning on your floors.

Case studies - click each image below

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