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Here's a small selection of retail projects that have used Gemstone

SeeWoo Reading Chinese Food Supermarket

Area approx. 500 m2


They wanted to replace the old worn out epoxy system that was scruffy, hard to clean and forever needing patching up.


This was replaced with a fast curing resin system that offered a much smarter appearance, more durable surface finish, able to cope with forklift traffic and pallets on pump trucks. It's virtually maintenance free and easy to keep clean.


The floors are still immaculate after constant use over the past few years.

IKEA Bristol

IKEA chose us to install a 2-3mm flake system for their retail floors and at the Bristol Store decided to run the same system throughout the corridors into the back of house storage areas.

They also asked us to lay levelling screeds as the floors needed extensive work prior to the resin being installed by the main entrance and escalator exit.


Gemstone also carry out repairs to BOH areas, which includes patching, crack repairs, slip resistance upgrades on stairs, expansion joint repairs etc.

Asda stores - retail floors and back of house areas

Gemstone is approved by ASDA for use on their retail sales floors, as well as back of house areas, warehousing, cold stores, freezers, fresh back up, chillers and bakeries.




They use the the fast cure flake systems for retail shop floors and the self-levelling 2mm system for back of house areas and corridors, plus the quartz 4mm system for all chillers, cold roooms and bakeries.

All systems benefit from rapid installation, fast cure and great durability and longevity.

Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham

The Bullring have had over 2,000m2 of resin floors laid throughout their back of house corridors, service areas and loading bays.

The purpose was to overlay very dusty and damaged concrete floors to provide a more level, safer and easy to clean system that also looked better for both staff and visitors.

The program involved laying 100m2 of new floors each night to be ready for staff and deliveries the next morning.

All floors were prepared with grinders and self-contained industrial vacuums, plus ventilation systems to move any smells away from retail areas and out of exits while the floors cured.

All floors now have a 10 year warranty.

Case studies - click each image below

Asda Plymouth - retail floor
Trucking route floor upgrade to resin system after several vinyl failures
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Examples of stores, shops, retail and predestrian use floors
Smart, durable, hygienic flooring suitable for high volume pedestrian traffic
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