Warehouse floor repairs for damaged joints, cracks, holes and bumps

Damaged expansion joints, cracks in the floors, bumpy sections and holes in floors are not only a hazard to forklift operation, they also compromise warehouse operative safety and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to equipment.


Gemstone offer a fast and effective service in eradicating these issues using fast cure resins and mortars, completing essential repairs to your warehouse floors overnight or at weekends. In a typical 6-7 hour shift, damaged areas can be completely transformed and ready for full use 60 minutes after the works have been completed.


The pictures below illustrate some of the more common problems that we have tackled and resolved, as well as some more complex.

Damaged joints at Ikea distribution hub

These pictures show a range of problems including holes that have been filled previously with standard mortars that are breaking up again after a matter of just months, cracks running along joints and hole damage adjacent to ineffective expansion joints.


The images below show the finished repairs where joints have been cleaned out and filled with elastic resin materials to allow for more flexibility and movement and coated in a strong acrylic coating that is bonded into the concrete substrate that offers a smooth surface to eliminate dangerous bumps and undulations in the floor, whilst easily coping with high traffic volumes.


These patches will last for a minimum of 5 years.

Major joint repair at Ikea Bristol warehouse

This large joint had been problematic for a couple of years where the concrete holding the metal plates had started to break up allowing the plates to start moving causing even more damage and despite numerous attempts to fix the problem in-house, nothing had worked.


The floor had become unstable reducing the speed and efficiency of the forklifts to a crawling pace as well as causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to the forklift wheels.

The pictures above show part of the process Gemstone employed in repairing the joints.


The worn and damaged concrete was dug out using a Kango concrete breaker, all loose dust and debris was removed before the whole section was subject to heavy grinding to prepare the section for priming with a strong resin to bond the floor into the substrate.


The void beneath the metal section was filled with a strong mortar to hold it securely in place and this was also used to level the large hole along the length of the plates before the whole section was covered with 2mm coating of fast setting resin.


The large section was sealed with resin and was ready for full forklift traffic only 60 minutes after the works were completed.


The repairs have remained stable and the feedback from Ikea has been very positive.

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